House Lifting

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There could be several reasons you might want to go for a house lift. Regardless of the cause that encourages you to take this decision, we’re at your service to offer quality work.

House lifting is not an overnight process. Instead, it requires extensive work and time to complete lifting a home.

Fortunately, Foundation Repair Rockford has experts well-versed in home lifting. Not only do they reduce the time involved in the procedure, but they also provide quality services that speak for their experience.

What is House Lifting?

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House lifting, as the name suggests, is the process of raising a home slightly above its current foundation. Depending on why you’re going for one, experts elevate your home between 5-12 feet.

However, note that this elevation height is flexible, and it may vary slightly from company to company – or the reason behind home lifting. Besides, the Rockford foundation repair experts use varying techniques to lift your home, from hydraulic screw jacks to the arrow lift structural lifting system.

For the most part, house raising involves lifting the house and bracing it, lifting it again, and repeating the same process. Yes, the original procedure is a bit more complex and challenging, but it’s the same nonetheless. The standard method involves professionals elevating your home using hydraulic jacks and supporting it using temporary supports known as cribs. Then they dig holes to install beams. As soon as a series of steel beams and jack are put into place, your home begins to elevate.  

Reasons You Might Need a House Lift

Generally, people assume the only reason you may need a house lift is because of structural damages—however, numerous causes surround why you may want to go for one. Below, we’ve discussed some.

Adding Height

Maybe you’re among the homeowners who wish to build a gym or an office in your basement, but you do not have a basement to begin with. Therefore, you may want to go for a house lift to add more space to accommodate your hobbies or work.

Maintaining Your Home

A house elevation won’t only give space for additional rooms; it’ll also preserve your home’s foundation. Besides, it helps spot structural damages and fix them before they turn into a nightmare.

And Finally, Structural Repairs

Perhaps you recently identified a foundation issue, and an expert recommended you a house lift. Thankfully, they suggested right. House lifting exposes underlying structural problems and helps experts take suitable actions accordingly.

House Lifting for Foundational Repairs

Underpinning is one of the most common ways to strengthen your home foundation. Two standard methods involved in underpinning include helical and push piers.

Push Piers: The professionals at Rockford Foundation Repair use the following procedure to lift your home using push piers.

  • To begin with, our knowledgeable engineers locate the areas where push piers will be placed.
  • Next, we excavate the areas to expose the footing
  • Then, we attach steel brackets to the footing
  • Using a hydraulic machine, we push steel piers into the ground and lift your property to its original position.

Helical Piers: Helical piers appear like massive corkscrews. Here’s how our team stabilizes your home using helical piers.

  • It all starts from locating and marking the areas to place the push piers
  • After that, we excavate the areas to expose the footing and install helical piers cautiously
  • As soon as the pile reaches load-bearing soil, we cut off the piers at the precise height
  • Then we use a hydraulic machine to lift and stabilize your home
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Preparing Your Home for Lifting

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House raising is not a one-day process. Even when experts take steps to expedite it, the procedure takes time and can get daunting.

Therefore, you need to take steps to prepare your home for lifting. Not only does it make it easier for us to lift your home, but it also protects your valuable items.

Make sure you clean your crawl space before we arrive at your location. Working in a basement occupied with trash, storage items, or appliances makes the process even more time-consuming.

Do not forget to remove plumbing and pipes hanging below the floor joists.

You do not necessarily need to move the items inside your home. We lift your home slowly and smoothly, and it doesn’t put weight on your valuable possessions. However, if you’re cautious about your belongings, consider packing them.